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Hey, I feel like Jared has had a lot of practice since then because he’s definitely improved.

Now I’m picturing Jensen giving him lessons. Oh GOD.

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Fan: Jared, you play Sam as this guy who is a *rawr* Gigantor!! What it’s like in real life? Do you kick down doors and break things?
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real friendship

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What makes mothers all that they are?
Might as well ask, “What makes a star?”



So he said, “Would it be all right
If we just sat and talked for a little while
If in exchange for your time
I give you this smile?”

So she said, “That’s okay
As long as you can make a promise
Not to break my little heart
Or leave me all alone in the summer.”





Is this Canada? This seems like Canada. 

This could have gone so wrong

Nothing goes wrong in Canada

Even if it did we all have free health care

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Last night it was all about #Gladiators @AfterMidnightNY w/ @JoshMalina! Thx for coming thru Malina!

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Dumb Librarian!Cas + Mechanic!Dean comic

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Torchwood finds a broken and bleeding Castiel. Captain Jack interrogates the newcomer but it doesn’t go how either of them expects.

Jackstiel for superwholockthecomic fanart fridays. I giffed the most recent pages, not sure if that’s sexual tension or if they honestly want to punch each other. Also a huge thanks to jazzforthecaptain for that secret ingredient ;D

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Drawn by Cataclysm-X

Portraits of the 10th and 11th Doctors
Sized at 8mm x 10mm

In fact, these portraits are so small, that I had to use a magnifying glass during the drawing process, which was exhausting.

When I wanted to draw shimmering in Eleven’s (Matt Smith) left eye, I used an 0.1mm needle. I dipped the tip of the needle in white gel liquid and carefully placed it in the eye.
After several tries I finally managed to place it on the right spot. And there you have it: eye shimmering probably no-one would even notice.

Whenever I made a mistake, I couldn’t fix it without erasing 1/4th of the drawing. I constantly had to start over and over and over again until I was finally done after spending approx 15 hours on drawing those 2 little fellas.